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SAFER hair transplantation

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Beauty and Dermatological Center Krakow, Krakow

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Price is per minimum hair transplant (250 hair units).
Price per single hair unit is 14 PLN.

SAFER - a world breakthrough in hair transplantation.
A new method of little invasive transplant.
SAFER revolutionary device is the latest in the world of the French company Medicamat device for quick and minimally invasive hair transplant surgery carried out. SAFER technologies minimizes the damage to the hair follicles collected, as well as reduced by nearly 50% of the time treatment.

SAFERr allows full automation of the graft with the highest quality of donated material. This makes it possible to significantly shorten the treatment time, to achieve greater precision when downloading material and minimizing the percentage of damaged bulbs.

The unique method that has revolutionized the practice of rebuilding hair:
SAFER ® technology benefits:
- No large scars on head
- Quick recovery
- Return to work / sport within a few days
- Minimum pain
- Permanently, natural results

What is the procedure, how it differs from the STRIP method?
FUE method - (called follicular units extraction) is different from the traditional way of obtaining the hair follicles for transplantation. Instead of cutting of cutting skin (method STRIP), which was the direct cause of extensive scarring, hair follicles are taken directly from the scalp (rear and side), and are then transplanted to their destination. Execution of a large number of micro grafts are placed very close together, and provide a natural look and protects against the formation of scars. SAFER technology is also free from the risk of graft rejection and allows you to download more than a thousand follicles are ready to transplant.

SAFER furnishing breakthrough is the ability to use areas other than the scalp hair follicles to download. The material may be downloaded, from other body parts chest, chin, legs or back, etc. Hair Transplant in areas other than the scalp keeps its properties such as color, type and rate of growth to fall out, and then, with the next growth cycle as a whole adapts to the other hair.
How does anesthesia  works and what is the time of recovery?
The operation is performed on an outpatient basis does not require hospitalization, using local anesthesia. The patient can return to normal activities the next day after surgery.

Who is this treatment for?
SAFER technology can be used for both men and women. In particular, in the case of androgenetic alopecia as well as reconstruction surgery of eyebrows.

FDA CERTIFICATE - a guarantee of safety
SAFER device FDA has approved the U.S., which is determinant of the quality and effectiveness of the treatment.

SAFER can be used on tonsure, frontal baldness, top of the headc baldness, back of the head. Price depends on number of transplants. For example for tonsure it can be 200- 900. For top of the head - 200- 700, for meanders 200-600, for frontal baldness 300 - 1000. Price per single transplant - 14 PLN. If patient requires lots of transplantas (over 1000) price is negotiable.

Dear Patients! We strongly advise you to provide photos first so we can give you estimated price for hair transplant with SAFER device.

Before the treatment!:
You  ought to undergo several necessary laboratory tests. You can wait for the results up to 3 days. So it crucial to do it as soon as possible.
1.   Full blood count
2.   Coagulation system
3.   Blood glucose level before meals
4.   General urine test
5.   Hbs antigen
6.   Hcv antigen
7.   HIV


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