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Closing of capillaries (face)

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Beauty and Dermatological Center Krakow, Krakow

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Broken capillaries are an ailment of many people. The most effective solution here is their closing by means of Quadro Star® Laser – a device of German manufacturing created for the purposes of the aesthetic medicine.
The light of laser of the specific wavelength goes through the skin without causing any harm to it and; in a selective way, when in contact with blood pigment – haemoglobin, this light changes into warmth and constricts, as well as, permanently closes a capillary. Other structures and tissues are not injured; therefore, there are no scars. Some venous lesions in extremities require several expositions within several months. It largely depends of capillaries’ diameter, their density and depth of location. Coagulated, that is, closed capillary has been destroyed permanently. Only resorption, that is a natural absorption by a system, takes time.
Quadro Star® laser’s applications:

  • Port-wine stains
  • Spider naevi
  • Cherry angiomas
  • teleangiectasias
Energy emitted by  Quadro Star® laser is properly selected by the doctors in accordance with a level of skin’s injury.
Laser removal of vessel lesions is not only safe and non-invasive, but also the only effective solution to a problem of broken capillary vessels.


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