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Botox treatments

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Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Katowice, Katowice

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Commonly known as botox, it is actually botulinum toxin or botulism. It is one of the most famous substance used in aesthetic medicine procedures. It is used for wrinkles reduction and face contouring But botox is not only used in aesthetic medicine, it is also widely used in strictly medical problems like excessive sweating of palms, feet or armpits. In tradictional medcicine it is used to treat squint and tics. Nonetheless, the most popular usage of botox is to correct facial wrinkles. It is conducted by injecting prepared dosage of botox into skin. First effect is visible after 1-2 days, after injections. You can see total effect after a week after procedure. Botox helps you to get rid of grimaces, for example wrinkling of forehead. Little wrinkles are totally removed, and the deeper ones are shallowed and less visible. You can use botox to reduce wrinkles between eyebrows, wrinkles on forehead, corners of the mouth, lips, eye wrinkles, etc.
Botox helps to get rid of unwanted facial grimaces such as wrinkling the forehead. Completely eliminates fine lines, while the deeper shallows and prevents them from deepening. The indications for the use of botulinum toxin are wrinkles between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, around corners of the mouth, lips, etc. The price given on the page is the price estimate. The final price of service may be different from that indicated on the page, depending on the amount and specificity of the preparation used for each patient.  Price shown is the price at a single treatment or a single dose. The final price of services depending on the number of treatments.

Price is per one are of face, neck or decolettage.


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