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Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Katowice


It's very exclusive place for people who want to take care of their face and body. This place was created for everyone who want effective solutions, appreciate the professionalism, luxury and discretion. Nobody is perfect ... but the beauty lies in all of us, you must only bring i tht out, the right way. Clinic staff takes care of the highest standard of treatments, nice atmosphere and full customer satisfaction. These individuals have higher education degrees: medical, cosmetic and physiotherapy.
Clinic ensures full safety of patients through professionalism, modern instruments, knowledge and rich experience. High quality equipment and innovative therapies have the efficiency and safety procedures. We work on the highest quality materials and preparations, which are selected individually after prior consultation. Clinic is one of the first clinics of its kind in Silesia, in which patients in addition to the treatment of skin diseases will find a wide range of treatments, allowing the skin to prevent changes caused by the passage of time, as well as treatments that reduces the effect of changes that are already visible. Also collaboration with specialists in areas such as vascular surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry and gynecology plays important role. 
Aesthetic Medicine Clinic won FIRST award in National Competition in Medical PEARLS OF MEDICINE, 2010 in category:
Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology, SPA. The clinic is also adapted to receive disabled patients.


Clinics' treatments

List of treatments

List of treatments Price
Botox treatments 127 - 189 €
Botox - treatment of migraine 379 - 442 €
Treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox 379 €
Lipolysis 84 - 420 €
Hyaluronic acid filler (wrinkles treatment) 189 - 273 €
Sclerotherapy 42 - 252 €
Lips volume enlarging 300 €