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Aesthetic Medicine Center Poznan

Luboń/k Poznania

Aesthetic Medicine Center is a place that combines three activities, aesthetic medicine, cosmetic and dentistry. Our center was established in a modern building so that, it meets all standards of comfort and intimacy needed to provide customers with quality services. Our staff is a team of young and open people, providing customers with excellent service. Aesthetics Center is situated in Lubon near the A2 motorway and located 20 minutes from the airport Ławica in. We provide our foreign guests transport from the airport to the center of aesthetics and the hotel. Our reception is communicating in English, which gives us the opportunity to answer the basic questions in direct communication by telephone or in person.


Clinics' treatments

List of treatments

List of treatments Price
Botox - wrinkles correction 139 - 323 €
Hyaluronic acid (wrinkles correction) 277 - 462 €
Photorejuvenation 55 - 139 €