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Roll - cit - natural synthesis of collagen - face, neck, decolletage, thighs, bottom, abdomen

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Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet Wroclaw, Wrocław

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ROLL CIT - natural collagen induction. Is performed using sterile needles with built-in rollers with a length of 4 mm.Pricking the papillary layer of the dermis results in mobilization of collagen synthesis and facilitates the penetration of applied then preparations.

• Photoageing skin
• Skin atrophy
• Reduction of skin firmness and elasticity
• Stretch marks
• Acne scars

• Active infection
• Pregnancy, lactation
• The use of anticoagulants

Operation of the surgery, so the skin regeneration takes place in three stages
• Inflammation
• Playback of new cells
• Formation of new tissue

Frequency of treatments:
• Every 1-3 years - photoaging
• Every 2-4 months - acne scars (including procedures should be performed 2-6)
• At 2-4 months skin "smoker" (including 3-6 treatments)
• At 1-2 months striae (3-6 treatments in total)

Substances used to enhance the operation of the treatment:
• Retinol
• Beta carotene
• Vitamin C
• Panthenol
• Tocopherols, derivatives of vitamin E
Cosmetic Roll-Cit is performed to a depth of 0.02 mm, so only the sphere of the stratum corneum. This is a good skin preparation for the adoption of active substances used in cosmetic preparations


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