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Hydrate Mesotherapy (hyaluronic acid, mannitol)

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It is a method involving the direct injection in the affected areas relevant medicinal substances. Its creator is a French physician Michel Pistor. Originally, this method has been used to treat such migraine, neurological diseases, varicose veins, and respiratory diseases. Since the 70's is undergoing a renaissance thanks to specialists in aesthetic dermatology.

Indications for Mesotherapy:

• sagging skin
• prevention of hair loss
• cellulite (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
• stretch marks
• hypertrophic scars

Frequency of treatments:
Mesotherapy takes effect only if it is done in a series of treatments. Initially, one must undergo treatment once a week for two months, then we do one treatment per month to maintain the effect. It is best carried out in winter or early spring, because the sun can cause discoloration at the injection site and in the summer harder heal microtrauma caused

Preparing for mesotherapy:
• one week prior to surgery can be rubbed into the skin with vitamin K preparation - for example, Auriderm, Eris (it seals the endothelium of blood vessels, preventing internal bleeding and an anti-inflammatory and analgesic)
• 2 weeks before surgery discontinued aspirin,
• immediately before the procedure (1-2 hours) skin treatment area can be spread by anesthetic cream (eg EMLA) - it must be determined individually with the physician during the consultation

Side effects during treatment:
• pain during the injection - it can be eliminated by prior use of anesthetic
• redness, swelling - occurs immediately after surgery, it is a skin reaction to pricking
• very rare allergic conditions manifesting erythema, resolved spontaneously after a few minutes or hours
• bruises, hematomas - increases the risk of changes in the application immediately before surgery, drugs that affect blood clotting (eg aspirin);

Contraindications for mesotherapy:
• allergy to components of the preparation
• pregnancy, lactation
• diabetes
• inflammation of the skin, active viral infections, bacterial, fungal
• tolerating bad skin injections (skin capillaries, the risk of fibrosis, hypertrophic scars)
• the use of anticoagulants (aspirin)

The substances used in mesotherapy treatments:
• Hyaluronic acid
• Vitamin C
• Silica
• Minoksydil
• Embryoblasts
• Caffeine
• Extract from Melilotus
• Extract of artichoke


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