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Face volumetry (cheeks, nose) + Lips contouring + Eyes area contouring (Hyaluronic acid)

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Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet Wroclaw, Wrocław

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Injection of hyaluronic acid in a volume loss of face: cheeks, jaw line. The effect of procedure is to improve and rejuvenate the grass oval appearance

Injected substances are completely safe:
• are not of animal origin
• do not require skin testing
• are fully absorbed
• aesthetic results are visible immediately and look very natural

Contraindications to treatment:
• allergy to ingredients
• active skin infections in a selected area
• autoimmune diseases
• abnormal blood clotting

Side effects:
After injection, there may be slight redness, swelling at the injection site. Usually, side effects do not last long and you can easily hide them with makeup. 

- Volumetric facial treatment is the injecting hyaluronic acid of high density of the whole area of ​​the cheek (from the border of the orbit to the jaw line). This substance absorbs large amounts of water giving thanks to this effect.Best results will be after 4 weeks of treatment. The advantage of hyaluronic acid is complete safety. After 18 months is completely invisible, it can also be applied in locations after the previous injections or plastic surgery. Please note that the effect of this treatment will be much less visible than surgical lift (you can count on raising the cheeks of about 4-5 mm).

- Lip modelling with hyaluronic acid

- Eyes area modelling with hyaluronic acid

Price includes: face volumetry, lips contouring, eyes area contouring.


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