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Closing the capillaries

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Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Surgery Center Warsaw, Warszawa

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Varicose laser removal is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.  The healthcare surgeon uses a local anesthetic to area near the knee. Guided by ultrasound, the surgeon uses a needle to insert a wire through the incision into the main problematic vein. The laser collapses the vein walls, which effectively stops the blood from leaking back into the smaller leg veins. Blood flowing to the collapsed vein naturally reroutes itself to other healthier veins. Varicose vein laser removal can be completed in less than one hour and is reported to have a 98% success rate.  

Laser operations varicose veins - the advantages of the method:

- Does not require hospitalization (output to the house on the day of surgery)

- Local anesthesia

- Short time of operation

- No incisions and scars

- Rapid return to daily activities (usually 1-2 days)

- High efficiency operation

- Low risk of complications


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