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Aesthetic Dental Center Wrocław, Wrocław

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Teeth loss is not only serious dental problem. It also makes you feel less attractive and has great influence on your confidence. Looking forward to change it? It’s time you decide on dental implants. Dental Implantology is a specialization, which is developing very quickly Dental implant is a screw, made of porcelain or titanium, which is implanted into bone, in order to place crown or bridge. Implants made of titanium are grey colored, and the most often used in modern dentistry. There are also implants made of porcelain, which are creamy colored, but they are not as strong, as titanium ones. Implant itself is a lot stronger then natural tooth, once placed, should last long years. As mentioned, teeth loss could be very intimidated for person, and it is main reason people get dental implants. There are also extreme cases, when person has no teeth at all, and dental implants are the last hope for normal life and beautiful smile. What are the conditions, that person could be qualified for dental implantation? You must be healthy and in good condition. Age is no obstacle, apart from children, whose teeth are still growing, and are not allowed to have implants. Main contraindications are: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, heavy smoking, pregnancy, blood clotting problems. These are risks that may cause that implant won’t be accepted by the body. The other obstacle could be a lack of bone. The first thing you need to do then is planting bone first. Then you can have dental implantation done.

Given price concerns only screw, not screw with crown.


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