Medical Tourism in Poland

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Catalogue of clinics

  • Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Warsaw

    Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Warsaw


    Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center is a company with tradition. Founded in 1996 as a surgery of the same name. With the development, it changed its seat and extended service profile. Since 2010 clinic possesses the status of Non-Public Health Care Centre (NHCC). At present, it is a clinic where you…

  • Specialized Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Warsaw

    Specialized Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Warsaw


    Take advantage of our offer! Our team is a group of professionals, renowned academic physicians who specialize in aesthetic dermatology. Our doctors are members of the Polish Association of Dermatology, Society for Aesthetic Dermatologists, European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology…

  • Dental Clinic Villa

    Dental Clinic Villa


    Dental Clinic Villa is one of the most modern and patient-friendly clinic in Europe. You will meet here  only the top professionals with outstanding medical experience as well as with  individual and warm-hearted attitude towards each patient. The Clinic is located in a quiet, elegant and…

  • Beauty and Dermatological Center Krakow

    Beauty and Dermatological Center Krakow


    It is a chain of Cosmetic and Dermatology Centres located in the three biggest cities of the south of Poland: Kraków, Wrocław and Katowice. Since 1999, a group of doctors, beauty therapists, beauticians, and physiotherapy practitioners have been taken care of beauty and wellness of our Clients.…

  • Hair Transplant Clinic Warsaw

    Hair Transplant Clinic Warsaw


    Clinic was established in the year 1995 as the first Polish-German joint-venture. The Company benefits from the years-long experience of Medical Hair GmbH from Stuttgart, using the identical methods of hair transplanting. A significant part of medical personnel of the German clinic were Poles. This…

  • Healthcare Clinic Gdynia

    Healthcare Clinic Gdynia


    Healthcare Clinic Gdynia. About Clinic Founded on 2 Dec 1996 is the very first private surgery hospital in the Tri-City and Pomeranian Region. Since that time the number of medical services including: consultations, diagnoses and surgeries has been rapidly increasing. In the first year of our activity,…

  • Plastic Surgery Clinic Krakow

    Plastic Surgery Clinic Krakow


    Plastic Surgery Clinic Krakow is a company with friendly and professional atmosphere that offers some of the best cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments available in Poland. Our Plastic Surgery specialist are people with passion who have years of experience in field of cosmetic surgery. Their…

  • Hair Transplantation Clinic Katowice

    Hair Transplantation Clinic Katowice

    Bielsko Biała

    Hair transplantation is currently the only way to restore the functional and morphologic look of our head. Hair transplantation involves picking hair form one location and grafting it into the balding areas on the head.   Transplanted hair does not lose its genetically programmed growth rate. Thus,…

  • Rehabilitation & Wellness Institute Zebrzydowice

    Rehabilitation & Wellness Institute Zebrzydowice


    “Away from the hustle and bustle, in the shade of lush crowns of trees”- is best description of our center’s location- a unique place. A place that combines the traditional buildings with modern medical facilities. The place where the homely, almost family atmosphere is implemented…

  • Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre

    Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre


    Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre was created in order to help people who want to invest in their beauty and well-being. Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic Medicine Centre is intended for Clients who pay special care to the quality of services.    Scanmed Kraków Aesthetic…